Faucet Repair

Faucet problems are common and must be fixed promptly before they lead to bigger problems. Faucets get more use than any other unit in your home. Constant wear and tear requires maintenance and upkeep. Our technicians come prepared to repair or replace if necessary.
Is the sound of drip, drip coming from your bathroom faucet making you suffer in silence and simply give up? If so, then don’t worry, at least not until you call Free-Flow Plumbing to fix that annoying and wasteful leak. Just let us permanently get rid of it by either repairing what was broken or by changing the faulty components of the faucet.

It doesn’t matter if your faucet is made of glass, ceramic, porcelain or steel, at Free-Flow Plumbing we have years of experience handling all faucet brands and kinds of faulty faucets. We believe that faucet installation and repair is central to good plumbing.

An ordinary faucet consists of a valve, a handle and a spout. But while they look ordinary, they are in fact highly specialized, and the more aesthetic and modern they are, the more complex the faucet’s functioning. This essentially means that your everyday plumber or a layman can hardly fix them without spoiling them first. Choose Free-Flow Plumbing to install it right the first time to save money and time!

All faucets have different kinds of compression valves that range from ball or cartridge to compression and dip. Each of these faucet valves requires a different technique of repair and maintenance. Next time you discover a leaky faucet in and around your property, we suggest that you give us a call instead of taking matters into your own hands.

Experienced Faucet Repair in Tampa Bay and all surrounding areas!

At Free-Flow Plumbing, we realize the importance and value of both your time and money. Aside from this, certain other features make us stand apart from other plumbing services in the Tampa Bay Area:

  • We stock, sell, and use only the best products
  • Our team is made of highly-experienced technicians who have earned their stripes
  • We respect your private space and take care not to dirty your premises
  • Our pricing is upfront and given in writing

So why wait? Call us today! Make your faucet leak-proof and do your bit to conserve water!